So the United States is rejoicing the death of Osama Bin Laden. Justice is done. The evil one has been punished. Now everyone can get on with their lives. I don’t think so.

I doubt things will change at all. They may even get worse. I hope there isn’t a retaliation but if there is I wouldn’t be surprised. Ultimately he deserved to be punished for his crimes, but an eye for an eye isn’t going to solve anything in the war against terror.

 A bigger question for me is why is George W. Bush still walking around free as a bird? His illegal war against Iraq caused the death of tens of thousands of innocent civilians and in the end the USA admitted there were no weapons of mass destruction. Are the people who died in that conflict any different than those who perished in the twin towers? Not really.

 Only in America would the government try to empeach a president for having an affair with an intern, but turn a blind eye to the deaths of so many innocent people. In my opinion there isn’t a big difference between Bush and Bin Laden. Both are wealthy, powerful, and have little regard for human life. The only difference is one hid out for over a decade and died in a gun battle, while the other basks in the glory of being a former president. Don’t get me wrong, Bin Laden got what he deserved. I’m just left wondering, when will Bush get his?

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2 Responses to Terrorists…

  1. Tina Drummond says:

    Jason you need to read a book by this man in the US…I can’t remember his name or the exact title but I think it was called ‘The case for murder against George W. Bush’. The man who wrote it, is a prominent lawyer….wish I could remember the exact names…sigh…oldtimers setting in already! Noam Chomsky and Gwynn Dyer are good authors too! Just saying! Good writing, I enjoy the articles and look forward to them…keep em coming!

  2. your favorite daughter says:

    dad, personaly, i dont even think he`s reallly dead. the hole fact of putting im in the water 24 hours after he died just seems weird to me.. and theres no pictures of his death. cos of the water thing.. i find its just dumb. the usa probably just got fustrated that they couldent kill him, so they started a rumor or watever that they killed him, and its not like he would complain of they did. he would get a free pass and live and they would have there pride.

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