The Bloc, what’s that?

What a great election. I can honestly say I’m very pleased we have a majority government. And not because it’s a conservative majority, a liberal or NDP government would’ve been just fine. 300 million dollars everytime we go to the polls is my reasoning. Imagine how much better that money could’ve been spent. How many doctors could’ve been hired? How many roads could’ve been fixed? There are too many ideas for me to list here.

Another reason it was a great election was because of the bloc getting the tar beat out of them. I mentioned in my blog not long ago that they didn’t even deserve to be in federal politics. Well, it looks like they aren’t anymore. If the numbers are right, they won’t even have enough seats to retain party status. Boo hoo. They can’t disappear soon enough for me.

So what happens now? Hopefully King Harper doesn’t let this go to his head and makes a total mess of things over the next five years. He did a fairly good job of getting the country through the last recession, hopefully he’ll continue with that line of thinking as world economies remain pretty weak.

 I’m really tickled about the number of new faces that got elected. Congratulations. I can’t wait to see how many of them don’t have a clue what they’re doing and put their feet in their mouth. Sure makes my job a lot easier…

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