Friday Foolishness!

Friday.  The last weekend before the election.  I’m so excited I could, well, I guess I’m not that excited.  It will be kind of funny seeing the simpletons dancing around trying to get every last vote.  Who knows what they could try to get things to go their way.

Gilles Duceppe and his gang of separatist monkeys were putting their campaign in high gear by bringing Jacques Parizeau out of the vault,  hoping the former party leader would shore up some bloc support. Perhaps he will have some success with older voters, but he’s not very  popular with the younger crowd, as he found out during this campaign photo opp.

Michael Ignatieff’s chances of getting elected are sinking faster than the titantic.  Now third place in the polls, (my god, is that really possible?), his stop at a army base did not go over well.  One
soldier was quick to show Iggy what he thought of the liberal leader’s plans to cut military funding.

Jack Layton is coming up like a house on fire.  He’s about to overtake the bloc in their own province.  He’s already knocked Iggy and the  liberals out of second place.  Even his campaign ads are changing. The party wants to portray him as an alternative to Stephen Harper, a larger than life character, even a superhero.  I think this latest pic however, might be pushing it.

Finally, If Stephen Harper gets his majority government, one can be certain that the long gun registry will be scrapped, and we will move towards a  USA system that makes it easier for citizens to own firearms.  As one tory put it, “Once the long gun registry is gone, everyone and  their dog will have a weapon.”  Guess that goes for cats too.  Have a great weekend!

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2 Responses to Friday Foolishness!

  1. Jody V says:

    Was he firing at Sam?

  2. jason says:

    i’d never be that lucky…

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