What the frack?

“A team of reasearchers from Cornell University has published the first comprehensive study looking at the impact of shale gas extraction on the environment and has concluded it is worse for the climate than burning coal.”

This was the story on cbc New Brunswick’s website.  Virtually
everywhere fracking has taken place, it has caused problems.  But
thanks to our elected geniuses, it’s going to be done here real
soon.  So what’s a little natural gas and chemicals in our water?
Why don’t we just go whole hog and put lead back in our gasoline and dump our sewers right into the river?

No wonder people are so fed up with politics.  Shawn Graham was the  ruination of the province so we voted him out.  Now we’ve got Alward who has no money for the status of women, but can somehow buy houses threatened by erosion in a conservative riding, find money for seats so a football game can go ahead, and ignore the people’s protests against fracking.  And that’s just this week!

What’s a person to do?  Liberals bad, tories worse…NDP non existant. I wish I had a simple solution here but I don’t.  A new party perhaps? This would be the time to start one.  It’ll be at least four long years before we go to polls again in this province, it would give a new  organization enough time to get firmly established.  I don’t know  about the rest of you, but I’m getting pretty tired of the two who keep see sawing back and forth with the reins.  Anything’s got to be better than this…

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One Response to What the frack?

  1. Diane says:

    Vote for Mr. Lawson…check. 😉

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