Coming soon to a tv near you…ME!

I really need to get a life.  Lately I’ve been watching this television
show called “Destination Truth”.  It’s a group of adventures who go out and investigate tall tales, like sea monsters and such.  Trouble is,  I’ve watched three or four episodes now and they have yet to find anything.

Instead of being turned off by the whole fiasco, I’ve been inspired. 
So far this month I’ve wanted to be premier, now I’m thinking I need my own television show.  What could be simpler than having a program where you never actually find what you’re looking for?

I’d start in the legislature.  My first groundbreaking episode could be called “The honest politician.”  I could burn up a couple of hours on the air looking for one of those and never find one.  And would anyone blame me?  Of course not.  Honest politicians are scarcer than the loch ness monster.

Then I could branch out.  I’d look for the “pothole free highway.” 
“Cheap Gas”, maybe even a “Lowered taxes” episode.  For my season  finale I’d hunt out the elusive Shawn Graham, who seems to have gone into hiding since losing the election.  Rumor has it that he’s joined Al Quaida.  It’s possible.  Lately he’s been harder to find than Osama himself.

Just when you think reality tv can’t get any crazier, it does.  There’s so much junk on television these days it blows my mind.  Bruce  Springsteen has a song called “57 channels and nothing’s on.”  I got at least 200 hundred and I got the same problem.  But am I going to sit here complaining about it?  No way.  I’m getting me a camera, a lie detector and I’m heading to the capital.  Premier Alward is shaking in his boots already.

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One Response to Coming soon to a tv near you…ME!

  1. Darren +Angie says:

    When you coem to the capital of NB we got a spot you can crash…;) you and your family are always welcoem up here…lol

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