More Gramp adventures

I’ve written a lot about how terrible Gramp’s driving was.  Ever since I started blogging about it I’ve heard even more stories from friendsand neighbors who had the pants scared off of them at one time or another by his piloting skills.  As if his driving wasn’t bad enough, he used to do something else that was even scarier, let us kids drive.

I think Gramp liked the idea of someone else driving.  It gave him
more of a chance to look around at stuff and talk when he wasn’t
hanging onto the wheel for dear life.  He had us driving so young I
don’t know how my parents didn’t have a nervous breakdown.  The fact that they even let us go with him still boggles me for that matter.

I can remember when I was twelve years old Gramp wanted to go to  Fredericton, but didn’t feel like driving there so I got the job.  I
was so proud.  It was about a two hour trip from our place and I drove right to the city limits.  How crazy is that?  I often wonder what would’ve happened if we’d been pulled over. 
“Have you got your driver’s license?”  the cop would ask.
“No, but I’ve got some hockey cards.”
Good Lord!

My younger brother was driving before he started school.  I swear this is true.  He’d steer, then jump up to see where he was going cause he couldn’t see over the steering wheel.  Gramp thought it was just great. A toddler driving an old buick, it’s something out of a movie.

One day Gramp was on one of his rampages with the car chasing after a cow and my brother was with him.  Gramp plowed into a brook, got stuck,  then spun his way out, sending a cascade of rocks, mud and pieces of old cedar fence into the air.  My brother thought it was just great.

He was so impressed that when Gramp tried to trade the car a few days later he tried to help with deal.
“How’s your car working?”  the salesman asked.
“She’s sure good in the brooks,” Chris cut in, much to Gramp’s horror.
He then elaborated, telling the salesman how good the car was at
jumping ditches, tearing through fields and scaring cows to within an inch of their lives.  I’m not sure how the trade ended up, but I’d bet money Chris didn’t get a treat at the store after that.  Hahaha!

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3 Responses to More Gramp adventures

  1. Diane says:

    bahahah what a hoot…

  2. hahahah! Hilarious! I’ve been wanting a Gramp story for a good laugh!
    You never know what a kid is going to say…

  3. clayton says:

    The best was driving around with a b train of hay behind a pick up not worth owning and being 9 and 10 years ole…lol…

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