Guess who this is!

Nothing like a long weekend to recharge one’s batteries.  You rest up, forget about the problems of work for awhile, then go back with renewed energy.  Yeah right… At least a 4 day work week makes things a little more bearable. 

Speaking of bearable (or unbearable), the election is getting closer.
So I got it pegged like this.  Stephen Harper returns to parliment with the most seats, but a majority?  Gonna be close.  And surprise surprise Jack Layton is the new opposition leader.  That’s going to be  interesting.  With any luck the polls are correct and he mops up the floor with the Bloc. 

So who do you favour?  Maybe a look back at them when they were young might help you make your decison.

Check out this nerd.  I bet he was captain of the chess team, member of the audio visual club, and probably ran away if a girl even looked at him.  They say that the meek shall inherit the earth, maybe it should be the geek shall inherit the country.  That’s right.  It’s Stephen Harper.  What a dork!

“He didn’t come back for you…”  Must’ve been that green tie he’s
sporting.  Iggy looks like quite the ladies man.  Maybe back in the
day he could’ve given Harper some advice on how to pick up chicks, and Harper could’ve taught him how to be a party leader without looking totally clueless.

I’m not sure what look Jack was going for here.  Perhaps he wanted to be sophisticated and intelligent looking with the specs, and a dash of Burt Reynolds with the stash. I guess he’s doing something right, he’s about to overtake Iggy in the race for the top job.

Gilles troubles started when he got separated from his puppy.  Then his neighbors split up and his best friend moved away.  When he went to college he was separated from his family, well, you get the picture. I guess to console himself he grew this rats’ nest and maybe had a pet or two habitating in it.  Whatever the case, it didn’t work cause years later he’s still got separation on his mind.  Give it up Gilles!

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