Global Warming, the cash factor

A snow storm in April.  Well, wasn’t that a treat. Slippery roads,
frozen hands and feet. It’s like we were in some sort of time warp that sent us from early spring all the way back to the depths of January.  I guess old man winter wanted one more kick at the can.

Of course some people will attribute this to global warming, but really storms in April aren’t anything new.  They’re just annoying, depressing actually. Which brings me to my depressing subject.  Global warming.  For a long time I was a firm believer that carbon was heating up the globe, wreaking havoc on life as we know it.  Now I ain’t so sure.

There are just as many scientists who oppose the global warming theory as those that support it.  And apparently the ones who do support it don’t take too kindly to the ones who speak out against it.  As a matter of fact, one leading climatologist had to go into hiding because of death threats against him and his family for speaking his mind on the whole thing.  As usual, money is the culprit behind all the trouble.

The more scientists cry gloom and doom, the more funding they get.  As most of you have probably heard, someone hacked a bunch of their findings a few months back and revealed they’d been fudging the numbers to make things look worse than they are.  The scientists on the opposing side insist we’re in a cycle, or at the end of an ice age.   Some have even said the earth’s temperature has cooled in the last several years.  Who is a person supposed to believe?

Definitely not Al Gore.  He’s been preaching for years now how if we don’t make radical changes, the earth is heading for a disaster of giant proportions that will change life on the planet forever. What he fails to mention however, is the fact that he’s a part owner of a company that is going to be a major player in the carbon credit system that’s not to far away on the horizon.

For those of you who don’t know, carbon credits are going to be a worth a fortune to companies who emit carbon into the atmosphere.  They can  buy and sell them, allowing them to pollute more or less.  Think it doesn’t affect you?  If this system gets implemented, everything on this planet is going to cost a whole lot more than it does now. Even good old Al, steward of the earth, is on the take.  He stands to make billions.  That’s billions, not millions.  The whole thing makes me sick.

One thing all scientists do agree on is we have to cut emissions.  That I do believe.  Just because there are a lot of people using the
health of the planet to make a fortune doesn’t mean we shouldn’t care about it.  Even if global warming is just a sham, smog and acid rain are certainly real.  Our planet needs cleaning up, no doubt about it. But are temperatures really rising?  Are greenhouse gasses turning our planet into a tropical world?  Is this the end of an ice age, or just a cycle? As I look out at the falling snow, I can’t help but wonder…

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