Vote for me!

I made a big decision today.  I’m gonna run for Premier in the next
election.  It’s a no brainer really.  I used to think you had to be
smart to have New Brunswick’s top job, but seeing as how the last
two Einsteins we elected made out, I’m sure a red neck, hick like
myself will have no problem running the joint.

The big problem will be what party to run for.  I’d make a great
liberal as I have no problem blowing whatever money is in my pocket at any given time.  Oh wait a minute.  That’s my own money.  Running amuck with the taxpayer’s buck buying things like jets and giving millions of dollars to banks and buddies of mine who are about to go broke ain’t gonna happen.  Being a liberal is out.

So I’ll be a tory.  I could do that.  I like to horse trade, and
put a high price on the things that I sell.  So would it bother me to
raise taxes on everything and cut services to people?  Actually, yes it would.  If people don’t like paying the price on something I’m trying to peddle they don’t have to buy it.  The tories have taxed things we need, like gas which will raise the price of food and most necessities of life.  I can’t do that.  Can’t be a tory either.

I guess I’ll join the NDP. Maybe being the leader of a party that has no baggage in this province is a good idea.   I can’t believe I just
said that.  I started this rant wanting to actually be the Premier.  With the NDP I have a better chance of becoming the next Shaw of Iran.  So much for that idea.

So it looks like I’m back to where I started.  Unless I want to lay the groundwork for my own party, I’m going nowhere fast.  Seriously, it’s a shame when someone has good ideas and really wants to help people can’t ever get in office.  There are lots of them out there.  But even if  they do get elected, the party soon puts them in line and makes them forget about their plans to improve things.  It’s the party first, people second.  That’s a terrible thing but it’s the truth.

Well, so much for being Premier.  Too bad, I was all set to change life as we know it.  Hmmm.  Does anybody know if the rhinocerous party is still in existence?  Bet I’d fit in really good there.

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