More fracking trouble!

I attended the gas company’s meeting in Rexton last week about the possibility of fracking to take place in our area. It was a public- oriented presentation, with executives taking you on a tour of the process and reassuring you how safe it is. It sounds grand until something goes wrong. Then things kind of go downhill. Like any other Big Oil company, they don’t seem very worried about accidents happening.

One of the things that really bothers me about this is they have permission take the resources under our properties whether we like it or not. As landowners, all we own is the land and not what’s underneath. A Canadian law that I will never be able to get my head around. If I refuse them from working on my property and there’s gas underneath it, all they have to do is go to the next parcel of land and then drill under mine. And if my acreage gets destroyed in the process, oh well.

It must be great to be a politician. Come up with these idiotic laws that benefit corporations and slap the average citizen in the face. We don’t have rights to the minerals under our land that we own. We don’t have access to Crown Lands which belongs to the public. Another great idea. I wonder how much cash the person in office got to implement those laws? Must’ve been a bag full or two.

Imagine if we had the final say of what goes on beneath our properties. Big Oil would be stopped in it’s tracks. And imagine if we had a say in what goes on with crown lands. Think of all the jobs that would be created when small allocations of forest are given to people who would go out and harvest the timber themselves in a sensible, sustainable manner instead of the slash and burn practices of corporations. All taxpayers and small business owners would benefit. Of course, taxpayers and small business owners can’t come up with large sacks of cash, which is why we’re stuck with these foolish laws. We really need to get some straight people in office, before there’s nothing left for anyone.

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2 Responses to More fracking trouble!

  1. Scary and senseless – No fracking! All for the love of money

  2. Diane says:

    Well said…

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