Everyone wins with organized sports!

Seems like everytime you pick up a newspaper or turn on the television there is something bad happening somewhere.  It’s almost enough to make one lose their faith in people. Luckily,there’s still lots of good out there.

This weekend I attended the junior high girls provincial volleyball
tournament in Fredericton.  My daughter’s team from Soleil Levant School was competing for the gold.  Unfortuneatly, they lost out in the quarter finals.  But that doesn’t mean that the weekend wasn’t a success.

Every tournament I go to I’m amazed at the amount of volunteers that give their time to youth sports.  Parents who donate countless hours of their time coaching, organizing and making a huge contribution for our kids.  Sports, or any activity that teaches kids teamwork, respect and goal setting is so important for them.  It makes them better prepared for the adult world ahead and gives them a sense of accomplishment.  When I see how determined my daughter is to get to practice and try her best, I know it’s doing her heaps of good.

So to all the parents and people out there who donate their time to
youth activities, thank you!  You are definitely a group of unsung
heros, but your hard work is not going unnoticed.  Keep it up and see you at the next tournament.  With any luck we’ll get the gold this time

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4 Responses to Everyone wins with organized sports!

  1. Very true Jake! Sport are good for our kids!

  2. your favorite daughter says:

    there no hopefully, dad were gonna win 😉

  3. Jody V says:

    You’re right, Alisha: Sophie agrees!

  4. Angie D says:

    Good read Jas! I agree Kal is involved in school activities and they would not succeed with out the volunteers. Good Job Girls and next time go for the Gold!!

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