Friday its Friday!

The sun is up, that’s got to be a good thing. And it’s Friday, even better! I hope you all had a good week, and hope you have a great weekend. What better way to start it than by having a good laugh.

I made it to the meeting and protest about fracking this week. Inside I was greeted by gas company executives who gave me a candy coated tour of how the gas was drilled, making me feel as safe as if I was in the arms of Jesus himself. When I told them that they wouldn’t be welcome on my land however, their vocal assurances quickly turned to sign language.

Stephen Harper made it quite clear during the english debate that he is not impressed by the squabbling that’s going on in parliment and asked Canadians for a majority government. He’s convinced that he can get more work accomplished if he has that magic number of seats, and canadians will benefit. Upon seeing his new campaign poster, I’m a little bit nervous of the whole thing.

Canada Post announced this week that due to the impending election and failure of the conservatives’ latest budget, they would have to make drastic changes to keep the mail delivery going. With the new trucking system, customers could expect even longer wait times for their mail.

Finally, the Queen and Princess Camilla were at odds over the seating arrangements for the coming wedding of William and Kate. Instead of bickering for an extended period of time, they acted like the royalty that they are, resolved their differences quickly and came to an agreement. In other news the queen is looking to hire a make up artist… Have a great weekend everyone!

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