Don’t Buy Gas?

So tomorrow is don’t buy gas day.  An idea someone came up with to wreak havoc with big oil’s finances.  Millions of dollars will stay out of their coffers when a large percentage of the population avoids the pumps.  Great idea, except for one thing.  It won’t work.

For starters, a lot of people will still buy gas and ignore the whole
plan.  Secondly, even if you could get everyone on board and made the nation’s gas bars as empty as a bloc quebecois convention in Alberta, you still have to buy gas the next day.  What’s the difference to big oil if they lose revenue for one day and gain it back the next?   Absolutely nothing.  It’s pointless.

If you really want to get under their skin, how bout leave your car
home once a week?  If everyone did that, consumption would drop a  minimum of 14%.  Now there’s something that would cause big oil some pain. 

Or, if it’s too much of a burden to leave your trusty steel steed in
the garage for one day, then have a gas lottery.  Organize a meeting, put all the names of your neighborhood gas bars in a hat,
pick one and boycott the rest of ’em.  Not for just one day, until the prices start to drop.  And trust me they will.  This has been done before. 

Anyway, for those of you who are participating in the don’t buy gas on April 15th event, the best of luck to you.  At least it’s a start.
Hopefully it will spawn some even better ideas, cause I’m afraid this one won’t even make a blip on big oil’s screen…

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