No Fracking way…

Hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking” as it’s commonly called, is the
process of pumping fracturing fluid into a wellbore, which causes rock formations to crack.  This allows for easier access to the oil or gas down below.  Sounds simple enough.  If you want your well  to be polluted.  This happens when the fracking fluid gets into the ground water.

It looks like fracking is about to take place in New Brunswick. There are supposed to be deposits of natural gas here and come hell or high water big oil is going to get it.  That’s the lovely thing about our governments.  If big oil wants to frack our neighborhoods and pollute our water, no problem.  But if I want to bury a dead cat in my backyard, I  better do it in the cover of darkness or risk landing in jail for committing some type of hideous, environmental crime.

Hasn’t this gone far enough?  Didn’t the nuclear disaster in Japan, or the exploding oil rig in the gulf teach us anything?  There is no more oil in places that are easy to get at.  It’s all downhill from here.  But instead of looking to develop greener energies, I guess they’re going right to the ends of the earth to find fossil fuels.

I can just hear the arguments.  “Think of how easy it will be to heat
your home with natural gas right in your backyard.”  Trust me, a warm house ain’t much good to me after I die from drinking the water that’s polluted with your fracking fluid.  “Businesses will benefit tremdously from a cheaper source of energy.”  And just who are they supposed to sell their products to when we’ve all been poisoned?

On Wednesday (today), there’s a meeting at the Rexton Lion’s Club from three to seven pm.  I hope people turn out in force and show them that they are not welcome here.  We have a lovely province, let’s keep it that way.  We survived here just fine without natural gas wells, we don’t need them.  But we do need our drinking water.  That’s a no brainer.  And by the way, the pics of polluted water shown here were a result of fracking.  I think that’s worth a thousand words…

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2 Responses to No Fracking way…

  1. Diane says:

    Watch Gasland before you go to the meeting…

  2. Nancy says:

    I hope you don’t mind,me posting friends to your rants Jason….we biked on the Dan Young,and saw what could possibly be,the preparation for sesmic testing , but when we questioned the PR people,at the Lions Hall info session,about that particular area,they said,its not us,in that area.
    I told the PR people,we are very happy,with clean air,and good water,in our area,and want them to leave us alone.Natural gas doesn’t help out the people of Kent county,when big business takes their profits off shore..
    Thanks again for your rants,

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