Gramp’s bent ladder

I must say I had a great time at the Greenwood lodge Saturday night. “Mill Writes” was a lot of fun.  I saw old friends, made some new ones  and enjoyed speaking to everyone.  As the theme for this year was  storytelling, I guess another yarn about Gramp is in order.

By now I guess you all know about Gramp’s legendary driving skills (or lack of em.)  On this particular day he was in the machinery shed with his tractor frigging around at something.  As he started to leave the  building he failed to notice that he’d hooked the extension ladder in his back wheel. 

 The ladder itself was inside a large steel horse stall
and the end was sticking out.  Well it got bent around like a u.
We were now the the proud owners of a ladder that once you finished  climbing it you were pretty much back to where you started. Of course, he never noticed.  He left the building and went on about his business.  An hour or so later he returned and I could hear him yellingacross the yard.  I ran over to the shed to see what was the matter.

“What the hell did you do to my ladder?!” he demanded.
“I didn’t do anything to it.”  I answered.
“Sure you did! Look at it!  It’s ruined.  Who would be crazy enough to bend a ladder?”  he yelled.
“I’m guessing the guy who was driving the tractor,” I answered as I  looked at the tracks on the dusty floor. 
“Not very likely!” he retorted angrily.  “It wasn’t me.”

I guess it was me.  For the rest of his days, whenever someone made the mistake of asking about a ladder, he always answered.  “We had a good one, but Jason ruined it.”  Yeeesh.

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2 Responses to Gramp’s bent ladder

  1. Dwight Robertson says:

    Well Jason you tell a good story, I can see your gramp saying…..I had a lot of fun on that farm….and a lot of it was because of him….lol.

  2. Emily Hussey says:

    Another great tale Jason…keep them coming.

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