It’s Friday!!

Its Friday folks!  No matter how hard I try to be funny the idiots
running this country seem to keep on beating me… Oh well, I’ll give
it a shot anyways.

Michael Ignatieff revealed if he’s elected leader he’s going to scrap
Stephen Harper’s controversial plan to buy new jets for the military. As a matter a fact, he intends to make the entire army more cost effective and environmentally friendly at the same time.  Under the liberal banner, the military’s motto will be slick and stealthy.  (as long as the wheels don’t squeak.)

Undaunted by the fact that she won’t be able to participate in the
upcoming political debates, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May unveiled a list of consumer products her party would endorse to reduce the amount of landfills in this country.  The Green party diaper is just such a product.  Seen here, it starts out as a pie filling, then becomes a diaper that doubles as a car seat, and when the consumer is finished with it, it makes a great political hat for the bloc quebecois.  Ingenious!

NDP Leader Jack Layton was also on the hunt for Canada’s top job this week.  The party has come up with a cutting edge idea on how to lower the country’s ballooning defecit.  If his plan is successful and he becomes our next Prime Minister, Mr.Layton (seen here)  plans to modify his sign to include loonies and toonies.

This week I told you about my Grandfather’s collision with a bull that I had rented.  If he’d been driving a convertible, I’m pretty sure this is how the impact would’ve turned out.  No wonder my father wanted out of the car so badly!  Have a great weekend everyone!

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