Gramp hits the highway, (and everything else)

This week I told you a couple of stories about Gramp’s off road antics. Unfortunately, he didn’t fare a whole lot better on the motorways.  His  reputation for bumping into things with his car kept growing year after year.  Maybe it wasn’t totally his fault.  I remember him saying in  order to get a driver’s license back in the day, all you had to do was buy it.  Go figure…

Around home most people were used to him.  For example, at the feed store in town, all the employees knew not to go behind his car when he was backing in to the loading dock cause he always ran into the wall. That was a given.  And most of the neighbors kept a sharp eye for him on the road, as he’d probably be all over it, looking at a cow or what was  going in someone’s yard.  Most of his troubles started when he got away from here.

One time he went to visit his family in Fredericton.  A city bus was
going much too slow in his opinion so he decided to pass it.  What he didn’t notice was, it was going slow because it was signalling to do a left turn.  Before he knew what was going on, it had drug him around the corner and up the next street.  Luckily he didn’t get hurt, but his car got wrinkled up like an acordian.  In true Gramp fashion, whenever he told the story he tried to lay the blame on the bus driver…

I experienced my first accident with him on the way to the Maritime Winter Fair.  He’d pulled my brother and I from school and was in the middle of one of his famous yarns when he realized he was going by his exit.  So he just swerved towards it and ran into the front bumper of a large van.  None of us were hurt and since the van’s bumper was tougher the side of the car(where I was sitting), Gramp convinced the other driver not to call the cops and then resumed driving and telling his story like nothing happened. (I was just glad I didn’t have to change my pants.)

One of my favorites was when he got pulled over in Moncton for speeding. As the policeman approached the car, Gramp realized that he knew the officer and saw a way out of the impending ticket.    The cop walked up to his window and before he could say
anything Gramp said, “How are you today?”
“Hello Everett, How’s yourself?” the policeman answered, equally
surprised that he knew Gramp.
“I’m great,” Gramp said, “But I’m in an awful hurry today.  I haven’t got time to talk.”
With that, he pulled the car in gear and took off, leaving the officer
on the side of the road, ticket book in hand.  Hahaha! I still laugh at
that one.

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6 Responses to Gramp hits the highway, (and everything else)

  1. Jody V says:

    Gramp always felt like he owned the road. If it was a particularly busy day in town and he had to wait for any length of time at a stop sign…he would always exclaim”Why in the hell would everyone want to be in town today?”hahahah like he was the only one that had things to do..(and you could write a book about the hitchhikers he picked up and scared us kids to death with)…..

  2. Diane says:

    LMAO these posts are becoming a fix for me like my morning coffee

  3. Haha, Good one Jason! Keep em coming!

  4. Emily Hussey says:

    Sure do enjoy the stories Jason, and I do remember that Everett always had a few wrinkles in his vehicles. You certainly have lots of good memories, thanks for sharing some of them.

  5. your favorite daughter says:

    haha dad, u ever consider it wasnt safe to get in a car with him? hahah.

  6. David MacDonald says:

    Hello Jason, your cousin here. Had to laugh thinking about your grandfather. He was always very good to me. Quick, easy wit towards a young guy.

    You, and all of yours, be good.

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