Gramp to the rescue…sort of

On April 9th I’ll be one of the guest speakers at Mill Writes, an event being held at the Greenwood Lodge in Fords Mills New Brunswick. This Year the theme is ‘storytelling’. The spring storm on the weekend reminded me of a good yarn, so I’m gonna share it with you now.

 In the spring of 1990 I was a meatcutter at the Cartier Mall in Richibucto. I got up to go to work one spring morning to discover it had snowed all night and the driveway was pretty much blocked. Nevertheless, I had to be there on time, so I decided to get in my car and try to make a run for it through the drifts. Big mistake. I made it all the way to the end of the driveway, and then got stuck solid in the snowbank that a passing plow had made.

My grandfather Everett noticed my predicament, jumped in the tractor, drove around me, then backed up to the front of my car. “We’ll pull her right out!” he exclaimed as he walked over with a chain.

I shook my head. “I can’t hook onto the frame.” I was wearing my uniform and the car was buried to the headlights.

“I’ll just hook onto the bumper.” He said as he fastened the chain.

“If you’re going to that.” I warned, “go easy. Just give it little tugs.”

I sat in the car, clutching the wheel nervously as he started to pull me forward. Each little thump brought me closer to freedom. I relaxed a little. “Maybe I’m going to make it out of here.” I thought.

Unfortunately, patience was not high on Gramp’s list of characteristics. To my horror, he suddenly backed up till he was almost against my car, and took off forward in high gear. All I could do was raise my arms and wait for the chain to come tight.

The majority of the car didn’t move, but the front end sure did. My bumper headlights, grill and various other parts were strewn all over the road. I had only heard of car bombs back then, but I was pretty sure my car looked like it had been used in some sort of terrorist attack.

I turned my attention to Gramp, who was exiting the tractor. His eyes were as big as pie plates, as he surveyed the destruction he’d just caused. Before I could say anything he looked at me and said. “I think WE made a big mistake.”

“Whaddya mean we?” I growled angrily. “I told you to go easy!”

“Take my car to work.” he offered graciously. I was quite mad at the time, but looking back on it now it’s pretty funny. Too bad I didn’t have a video camera…

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7 Responses to Gramp to the rescue…sort of

  1. Arlene Morrell says:

    Oh Jason!! That is incredibly funny! Thanks for the belly laugh!!

  2. Haha Jason very funny! What a morning!

  3. james says:

    haha,thats rich

  4. carol beers says:

    Enjoyed that Jason, Thanks.

  5. Diane says:

    OMG I can just picture it…bahahahah

  6. Jody V says:

    “Safety First” was never his motto, for sure: I remember wanting to go skate back on the creek; we’d put our skates on and he’d have like 6 of us sitting outside ON the back of the car hanging on while he drove through the frozen field bumps and ditches @ high speed! We thought it was hilarious at the time-hanging on for dear life hahahahahah….

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