Friday at last!

The end of the week.  Time to kick back and relax after a tough 5 day stretch of work, paying higher taxes and avoiding federal politicians. Get all that stress out of your head by having a laugh at it all. (It beats using the drill…)

Premier David Alward continued his serial killer style slashing this
week to get the province’s finances under control.  He decided to
eliminate day care services at the legislature, and while doing so
came up with another way to raise some much needed revenue.

Things could get even slower at many government offices if the premier moves forward with a plan to reduce the amount of civil servants. Service New Brunswick customers (seen here) did not take the news well that they would be waiting even longer, as by the looks of things they’d been there quite a while already.

Federal politicians continued on their quest for Canada this week.
The prospect of a coalition government continued to dog opposition
leaders as many canadians are opposed to the Bloc Quebecois having any say in how the country is run.  When asked, “How could
a separatist party possibly know what’s best for the country?”  Gilles Duceppe (seen here) seemed stumped by the question.

Switching to overseas, Libyian rebels continued to make advances this week as more and more of Muammar Gaddafi’s army defected to the other side.  In an attempt to increase his number of soldiers, The bizarre dictator is recruiting every able bodied resident of Tripoli.  Some of the new soldiers were glad to get hired and will reportedly work for peanuts…

Have a lovely weekend!

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