No more gas?

Tonight I went to an auto auction in Moncton.  It’s something I like to do from time to time.  Try to pick up a vehicle at a decent price
and hope to turn a buck with it.  It’s another hobby I’ve got that
sometimes gets me in trouble…

Anyway a few of the clunkers that came through were smoking really bad.  They were the kind of cars you’d like to sell to your local mla, if  he didn’t already have one for free.  But it got me to thinking.  Just what are we doing to the environment?

My brother had a link on facebook this week showing a new car
developped in Japan that runs on water.  Apparently it can seperate the hyrdrogen from the oxygen and use it to power the electric motor.   No emissions.  No recharging required.  It’s brilliant.

I just hope the inventors have some good bodyguards, cause I’m pretty sure big oil and the politicians are not too hot on this.  It’s going to be pretty to sell any gas once you can get your fuel from
your faucet.  Not to mention there’s no tax revenue to be had.  And the day a politician tries to put a meter on my kitchen sink is the day I get myself a man-eating dog.

This technology is new, but vehicles powered by means other than gas or diesel aren’t.  I know I mentioned this before but it’s worth
repeating.  GM had a production line electric car quite a few years 
ago.  They leased them, then took them all back and had them crushed. Not because they were unreliable, rather there was no money to be made selling parts, and big oil was in a total uproar as there was nothing in it for them.

We have to start demanding these types of things. Get proactive.  There are lots of good ideas out there that are environmentally friendly, but get swept under the rug because of money and greed.  And to be honest, that’s really short sighted.  All the money in the world won’t do them much good when  there’s no world left to enjoy.

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2 Responses to No more gas?

  1. Arlene Morrell says:

    Spot on, once again!!

  2. james says:

    id buy one in a heartbeat

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