Premier Alward creates new jobs!

I take back everything I said about David Alward.  The man is a friggin’ genius.  I thought his tax hikes would put the province on the fast road to ruin.  Not so.  He’s really turning things around.

I had no idea raising the price of smokes would create so many jobs.  There are throngs of unemployed New Brunswickers who can now gointo business for themselves smuggling cigarettes.  Illegal tobbaccowill be rolling into the province faster than you can say “twenty bucks a bag”.  And think of the job security for the RCMP and borderguards who will have to work extra hours trying to stop it.

Of course, cigarette smuggling isn’t for everyone.  It takes a lot of
time and effort.  There are plenty of New Brunswickers who would prefer to be “independant fuel distributers”.  This is a new position
that has been created thanks to Mr. Alward’s higher tax on gas. 
Instead of driving to a service station, NB’ers can now fill up their
cars with a phone call.  How convenient.  Except for those people who don’t have locks on their gas caps.

What’s next?  Maybe our premier could put a new tax on auto parts.  Cars in the province will continue to break down at an alarming rate now that none of the roads will be fixed.  There are lots of people out there with good mechanical skills just itching to go into business for themselves.

I guess no one told Mr. Alward if you keep poking a big dog with
a sharp stick, eventually he’s going to bite you.  People’s wages
didn’t go up with the new taxes he’s implemented.  Something’s
gotta give.  Maybe he’ll figure it out when he gets up one morning
and his car is out of gas and the tires are missing.  But I doubt it.

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3 Responses to Premier Alward creates new jobs!

  1. james says:

    he’s a moron fer sure

  2. Jody V says:

    I actually hope the price of cigarettes goes up….1000% would suit me-the province’s staggering Medicare bill will shrink for sure…..

    • mary says:

      i agree with you hope cigarettes goes even higher
      i haven’t smoked in 21 years and i don’t allow anyone in my car who smokes
      or in my appartment

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