More clowns…


So it started. Yesterday the newspapers had lots of pics. The party leaders out in public trying to act like the public. Yeesh. Most of the time they’re harder to get at than Muammar Gaddafi, then an election gets called and they’re shaking hands and kissing babies. Or was that shaking babies and kissing hands?

Yesterday I never really specified who should be elected. That doesn’t mean I don’t have any ideas on who should get the boot. There’s a couple in this area who need a career change. ”When irish eyes are smiling” Brian Murphy for starters. This fellow had the audacity to tell the public he couldn’t commit to being their representative full time because he had to focus on his law firm. A reason right there to can him.

Then the rumor surfaced that former premier Bernard Lord might be running against him. All of a sudden Mr. Murphy’s got ads on the radio. He’ll help you with your taxes. He’ll help you with your EI. He’ll help you do just about anything if it keeps him his wages and fat pension that he didn’t actually earn. If I lived in his riding I’d ask him to help me clean out my barn. He’d be good at it with all the B.S. he’s been tossing around. Goodbye Brian.

I live in the Beausejour riding. Dominic Leblanc’s stomping ground. The man who tossed his hat in the ring to be party leader, then withdrew when someone explained to him he might actually have to do something. Nice enough fellow. It’s got to be tough to be an MP while you’re suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. No doubt he’ll be campaigning, I just hope there’s enough caffeine in the riding to keep him awake during the process. Goodbye Dominic.

That’s just two. There must be plenty more. Let me know who. And why. I’ll gladly post your views. Nothing would please me more…

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