It’s Friday!!!!

There’s nothing like waking up on a spring morning to discover it’s snowing.  Makes you want to beat your head against a post.  Oh well, it’s Mother Nature.  Nothing we can do about that.   With any luck it will be gone soon.  It’s Friday.  Time to crack a few cold ones and have a good laugh…

This week I focused a lot of my attention on New Brunswick.  The place that is no longer Be…in this place.  I guess we’re supposed to be somewhere else.  Hopefully not the USA, which is where I’m aiming my wrath at today.

Republicans were less than impressed to learn that Sarah Palin is considering taking a run at the presidency.  After an emergency meeting they decided to try to convince her it wasn’t the greatest idea.  The plan is to detain her at headquarters and coax her not to do it.  Let’s hope the tape holds.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, could be quite the candidate.  With all the trouble in the Libya and Japan,  President Obama’s handlers tried to keep the news that he might be running from their leader.  Unfortunately, it’s impossible to stop the news and when Mr. Obama heard the Donald was coming for him, a reporter was lucky enough to catch his reaction on film.

If you have some USA channels on your television, no doubt you’ve been amused at one time or another by the medicine they sell to the south of us.   Snake oil peddling is alive and well in Uncle Sam’s back yard.  The first half of the commercial tells you how good the product will make you feel, and the second half warns you about the side effects.  A former Miss America contestant (who asked to remain anonomous) tried a medicine that promised to “increase strength and muscle tone.”  I wonder what the side effects were….

I guess I have to make one note about New Brunswick.  (I can’t help myself).  Rumour has it that former Premier Shawn Graham will be stepping down and his dog Bowser (seen here)  is getting ready to take a run for his seat in the by-election.   Given Kent Center’s style of votion for the hundred years or so, no doubt Bowser will be elected.  Hopefully he gets a good position like Minister of dog biscuits and fire hydrants.  Have a good weekend!!!

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2 Responses to It’s Friday!!!!

  1. james says:

    id vote for the dog before alward

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