On This Day

On this day in 1989 The Exxon Valdez spilled 240 000 barrels of oil (11 million gallons) of crude oil in Alaska’s Prince William Sound. There was no terrorist attack on the ship, no mutiny or hijacking.  The craft simply ran aground.

This was the worst oil related disaster in history.  Millions of sea creatures perished.  Oil slicks covered the beaches for miles.   The cleanup effort was massive and lasted for months.  But to this day evidence of the crude is still traceable in the water, beaches and animals.

You think we’d have learned something from this.  Apparently not.   Recently British Petroleum’s drill rig blew up in the Gulf spilling even more oil into the ocean than the Exxon Valdez.  Why do we continue to let this kind of thing happen?  We know oil and water don’t mix. 

There are lots of alternatives out there.  We could all be driving electric cars if the government actually gave incentives to car manufacturers to develop them.  The problem is our elected officials haven’t figured out how to tax the air yet.  And until they do, Big Oil will continue to destroy our planet, little by little, searching for the ever increasingly elusive barrel of crude.  I’m afraid by the time governments puts a tax on oxygen, there won’t even be any of that left…

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4 Responses to On This Day

    • Les bon home. says:

      No its not! If a satisfied electric car could be built, it would be. All we have now would be a nuclear run car. The tech is not there yet. Simple as knowledge.

  1. Lisa Collins says:

    Enjoy your rants Jason.

  2. jason says:

    les bon home,
    Sorry but you are lost. The technology’s been around for quite a while (remember gm’s ev1?). They took all the cars back and crushed them because they weren’t making any money with repairs. The know how is there, the monex isn’t

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