New Gas Tax!


I know I wrote about the budget yesterday but I feel I should say something about it today now that it’s been implemented. What should I say? How about &$#@? Their big idea to increase revenue was to raise taxes on fuel. What visionaries.

One of the province’s biggest employers is the trucking industry. And how will higher diesel prices affect them? McConnell Transport Ltd in Woodstock announced it would be cutting its staff’s wages. Unless carriers can find an alternative mode of transporting the good, others will follow suit and/or have to raise their rates. This will make everything on the grocery shelves and everything else that’s trucked more expensive.

Experts are predicting the ongoing events overseas will drive fuel prices even higher. We should see $1.50 per liter right away and up to two dollars in the not so distant future. Shouldn’t the government have looked at other ways to shore up some revenue? Could they be any more short sighted? Raising taxes is one of the worst ways to jump start the economy, because it forces people to budget more and spend less. It’s a waste of time.

At the end of the month Enterprise Greater Moncton is hosting a post budget discussion with Premier David Alward. Tickets are fifty dollars apiece. Fifty bucks is a lot of money to see an idiot in person. You can see him for free right here. No, he’s not on the horse. Just go behind it and lift it’s tail. Hellloooo David!

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6 Responses to New Gas Tax!

  1. Diane says:

    It actually scares me that he has the “say” of what goes on in NB. I will be able to stay home and be scared as gas is too expensive to go anywhere, and I will be skinny, because food will be to expensive to buy. Hmmm a thin hermit, they are still cute right??? lol

  2. james says:

    i might as well quit my job an go on welfare, cost too much to drivd there

  3. mary says:

    what are the trucking companies going to do .!!! with this tax on gas
    everyone is going to be affected . cost of food will go sky high
    very scarey situtation we are still in recession !!!

  4. Les bon home. says:

    15% of the regular gas in NB and all of the gas in Maine, is alcohol, all subsidized, and you pay Irving for the 15% he adds to your gas, which drops the gas mileage a lot! So why nothing said about that? Why worry bout the companies, who add it on to their business which you pay, but its a LOT less then the ripoff you are getting at the pump. Don’t bother argue the point, because I got the test info of the internet and DID THE TESTS! Gas across the border is the full 15% which is illegal!

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