D-Day in New Brunswick

D day is here.  The New Brunswick government is about to drop their new budget on us like a scud missile.  We can all expect to have services reduced, high taxes and lord only knows what else.  One can only guess which programs they are going to slash and burn.

I suggested that they sell their jet, take a pay cut and get rid of the fleet of mla’s cars.  I doubt any of those ideas will be taken seriously.  Why should they?  They make sense…

Here’s another they might want to consider.  (although they won’t).  Reducing the number of mla’s in the province would be a big help.  we could easily manage just fine with 35 elected members.  Of course they would like this idea as much as selling off their cars.  We have a small population here, thirty five mla’s could represent us just fine.  And we’d save millions per year.

Open a portion of the crown lands to public.  Our provinces forests are in the hands of a few wealthy individuals.  If the province wants to generate more revenue they should allocate portions of forest to small private contractors.  More jobs would be created, the province would collect stumpage fees and more taxes.  Doesn’t seem like much?  Every person you can get off of EI makes a spot for another person to get off of social assistance.

Anyway I doubt any of my ideas will be in the budget.  Common sense and finance ministers do not seem to go hand in hand.   I guess all we can do is cringe, tighten our belts and hope there’s a big sale on bologna somewhere…

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2 Responses to D-Day in New Brunswick

  1. james says:

    why don’t u run?

  2. Diane says:

    Funny yet so true!

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