Yahoo!! You gotta love Friday’s. The end of the work week. It’s time to blow off a little steam, get a little crazy. That is, unless you’re like me and nuts most of the time anyway. Well no matter. Let the weekend begin. Let’s have some fun.   Just don’t drink and drive, especially holstein cows….

Today Premier Alward announced the government was going to help out with the ongoing relief effort in Japan. However, after reviewing the budget his finance minister is about release, he decided it would be too costly to fly and came up with an alternate route. He’s already warning his caucus ”this may take a few days….”

Speaking of the budget, Mr. Alward took the public’s concerns about lazy, overpaid cabinet ministers very seriously. One of his advisors told him that if the mla’s could multi-task it would be good for their public image. Unure of what the term ”multi-task” meant, the advisor explained to him it was to do more than one job at a time. Ever the visionist, the premier has purchased a fleet of these new experimental cars to help with productivity…

The recent spike in fuel prices has enticed a lot of people to take up car pooling. Apparently it’s a cheap way to get to work, not to mention the spin offs. Folks have reported that car pooling is a great way to meet new people and improve your reflexes, especially on uneven roads….

Finally, former Premier Shawn Graham discovered this week that once you are in oppostion, you no longer have access to the government jet. However, a conservative representative at the airport was more than happy to set him up with an alternative mode of flight. Mr. Graham is seen here landing at a barbeque being hosted by Robbie Tozer….

Have a great weekend everyone! See you next week!

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  2. Very good, Jake! hahaha

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