Be…in this place


Be…in this place, what was he thinking

A slogan so bad, he must have been drinking

for many of us, it was just wrong

maybe he wrote it for the guys at Atcon

Sell off this place, a much better rhyme

He told us he wouldn’t, then changed his mind

”Who needs NB Power?”he seemed to say

Sell off this place, would’ve suited Charest

Leaving this place, is what happened next

We voted him out, his career was wrecked,

when he threw cash to Atcon and the banks

NB taxpayers gave him their thanks

Be…in this place, is now being tossed

Mr. Alward doesn’t like it, he’s our new boss

If scrapping the slogan is the best he can do

I’m afraid for us all, our province is through…

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One Response to Be…in this place

  1. james says:

    one big disaster fer sure…why don’t u run?

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