Not another election…please!


Much to my dismay it looks like another federal election is looming on the horizon. This weekend’s announcement that Chuck Strahl and Stockwell Day are not reoffering only adds fuel to the fire. Is this what we really need right now? Busloads of campaigning politicians appearing anywhere and everywhere? To the untrained eye, one might think the nuthouse has started organizing guided tours.

If you haven’t guessed already, I’m not really fond of any of any of the leaders. As I write this post, I feel like the owner of an auto parts store about to take inventory. Am I looking at spark plugs, or wing nuts? I’m afraid the answer leans towards the latter.


Stephen Harper. Our current PM who just proclaimed the Canadian government to be the Harper government. Is he for real? He doesn’t even have a majority in the House of Commons. Last time I checked this is Canada, not Cuba. I think he owes us all an apology, or at least an explanation. And please stop trying to make the liberal leader look bad. He can do that all on his own.

Michael Ignatieff. If the grits want the floor, they better give this guy the door. The party should look for a more popular liberal to take over the leadership and put Mr. Ignatieff in a position he’s more suited for. Perhaps designing campaign ads as every second commercial on television is about him courtesy of the Harper government. Or was that the Canadian government?


Jack Layton. It’s got to be really cool to be leader of the NDP. I swear, he can say whatever he wants. Mr. Layton could call a press conference tomorrow morning and announce that if he becomes Prime Minister, he’s going to start manufacturing flying saucers in rural New Brunswick. He couldn’t win the next election in a flying saucer.


Gilles Duceppe. Okay, so maybe it was cruel of me to use that picture. But I can’t help being a little nasty; in my opinion the bloc doesn’t even belong in federal politics. If the province of Quebec wants them that’s fine, but I don’t believe my tax dollars should go towards a party that wants to separate from Canada. And if Mr. Duceppe actually believes that he might win the next election, the shower cap should stop his brains from oozing out of his ears.

So there you have it. What a fine collection of leaders we have. Forgive me if I don’t race out to the ballot box the minute the polls open, as it will take me all day to figure out which one is the least inept of the bunch. But I’ve already ruled out Gilles Duceppe. A picture really is worth a thousand words…

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2 Responses to Not another election…please!

  1. Definitely wingnuts! All of them!

  2. Arlene Morrell says:

    Spot on Jason!!

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