Media goes overboard, as usual…


Watching the events unfolding in Japan for the last couple of days has been heart-wrenching to say the least. The images are hard to digest. I cannot imagine for the life of me the fear and sorrow those people are enduring. My heart goes out to them and I would encourage everyone to donate to the red cross, or any other charity that will be pitching in with the relief efforts.

The news coverage on the other hand, is starting to wear on me. Every once in a while I make the mistake of tuning in to CNN to get their take on things. It seems the worse the disaster is, the better they like it. Wolf Blitzer’s Gaddafi buzz was starting to wear off in the last few days, but now he’s all hopped up on tsumani damage like a crackhead with a fifty dollar bill.

It’s always been one of my complaints about mainstream media, and one of the reasons why I started this blog. Big media is mostly interested in bad news. I have a lot easier time selling a piece if I’m angry about someone, than if I was to say something nice about someone. Good news doesn’t sell.

Back to Gaddafi, I’m sure he’s thinking this earthquake is a god send. The media was all over him like a cheap suit. Now they’re quickly forgetting about the whole situation as they salivate over houses and cars being sloshed around like they’re in a big washing machine. Really, they should focus their attention on how to help people, and not be so concerned with who’s got the best video of something being destroyed. But that’s just me…

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2 Responses to Media goes overboard, as usual…

  1. Arlene Morrell says:

    Good news doesn’t sell Jason and that is a fact. You can’t even spread it, word of mouth. Nobody wants to hear you bought a new truck. They only want to know when it broke down, or how it caught fire and burned down the garage. Keep on telling it like it is Jason!

  2. All true! The media could be used for good to help people, I hardly watch the news cause its all bad, very rarely do you see a happy or helpful story in the mainstream media. You are right Arlene, even by word of mouth people just love a bad story to spread around. Not me, if i say something, it’s more likely to be happy than sad. Good job telling it like is Jake!

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