stupid politicians

It amazes me to no end how politicians brag that they can efficiently run the province and then have no clue what they’re doing once they take office. Premier Alward is now trying to come up with ideas on how to get the province’s defecit under control. Apparently he’s under the impression that the average New Brunswicker has a money printing press in their basement and can come up with more disposable income at the touch of a button.

Raising taxes and tolling the highways. What is that supposed to accomplish when the working class’ wages are staying the same? When you increase our cost of living we have to cut back somewhere else. It just won’t work.

Imagine a grocery store owner is having a hard time making ends meet. In order to increase his bottom line he decides to raise the price of everything in the store and have a cover charge(toll) just to enter the place. How long do you think he’d be in business? He’d be bankrupt faster than you can say Atcon.

Here’s a novel idea Mr. Premier. Why don’t you do like the working class when times get tough and tighten your belt a little. Start with a wage cut for all elected mla’s. Then get rid of the jet that former Premier Graham purchased and fly coach if you need to go somewhere. And while you’re at it, liquidate the elected members’ fleet of cars and make them drive their own to work like the rest of us.

There. In a few sentences I just saved the province millions of dollars with no tolls or raised taxes. And I’m just a working stiff. Maybe I should be running the province.

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One Response to stupid politicians

  1. Sounds like a simple solution! The politicians could learn a thing or two from you.

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